Alphabetical List of Chapters

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Acceptance:Yes; Passivity:No   Ch.20

Am I a Helicopter Husband?     Ch.2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Depression and Lewy Body.       Ch.16

First Pat and Then Ron Join a Memory Choir    Ch.15

Good Days.   Ch.4

Hallucinations from Outside and Inside    Ch.1

I'm Scared to Travel Away from Pat   Ch.19

Mortality.  Ch.13

Need for Support, The.  Ch.5

Noise   Ch.3

Not Driving --  A Blow to Pat's Spirit.   Ch.18

Physical Intimacy -- Hugs and More.   Ch.9

Questions for the New Year: 2019 and then 2020  Ch.10

"Showtime."   Ch.8

Slightly Unusual Behaviors.   Ch.17

Some Days You Just Want to Cry.  Ch.6

Waking Dreams, RBD, and Sleep Deprivation.   Ch.14

We are Still a Team.   Ch.12

What Comes Next?  The Lewy Body Sequencing Problem.   Ch.11

Who Should I Tell I have Lewy Body? Acceptance, Embarrassment, Shame and Trust.    Ch.7

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