Ch.110 A Simple Gesture of Respect

Ch.110 A Simple Gesture of Respect

          September 2021

          Last night I brought our Collie Levi to The Refuge. Before we in, though, I led him to some bushes in the hope he would pee. Just as we got there a door opened and Walter, the facility’s technician came out to walk from one building to another. “Walter,” I said, “the tv in room 28 isn’t working right yet. Could you look at it?”

          Walter looked at me with a hint of anger “It’s not room 28, it’s Pat’s room,” he declared. And then he told me about interesting conversations he’s had with Pat and how much he liked her.

          Afterwards, I thought of all the times I’ve spoken with technicians, maintenance people, nurses and doctors and others, their only concern being to fix whatever problem there was in the equivalent of room 28. I considered  how often I’ve felt in those situations like a body being manipulated or a cog in a machine rather than a whole human being, how often I’ve felt as if I were looked upon as more an object than a person. And, to be fair, how frequently I’ve treated those same technicians, maintenance people, and others as anonymous objects, my only concern being to receive some service.  

          Walter saw Pat as a real, whole individual, not just a body occupying a room. For that I am grateful.

          Walter is not alone at The Refuge. Pat has consistently been treated respectfully by the entire staff. For that I am even more grateful.


Pat’s comments on A Simple Gesture of Respect:

          Ron to Pat: Do you feel respected here?

          Pat: Yes.

          Ron to Pat: Could you give an example?

          Pat That when they change me they are respectful.