Ch.102 Pat Reads Nancy Drew to Ron

Ch.102  Pat Reads Nancy Drew to Ron

          Aug. 2021

          Finding things to do together has become challenging now that Pat has begun living at an assisted living center. Fortunately, recently we discovered a whole box full of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries. Pat’s mother Norma apparently kept them all these years through her childhood, Pat’s childhood, and even our children’s childhoods. They are still in good condition.

          Pat has been considerably weakened by her two urinary tract infections (over now) and the recent, ongoing auto-immune system attack of bullous pemphigoid. Consequently, I offered to read a Nancy Drew mystery to her. She agreed and I read two chapters, realizing that the book was a lot more interesting and that the vocabulary in it was more sophisticated than I had anticipated. Pat closed her eyes and I wondered if she had fallen asleep. No, she assured me; she just wanted to hear the story without distraction.

          I continued to read another couple of chapters the next day, and then another two last night. Pat surprised me, though, this third time. After I concluded, she offered to read out loud. And she did, about five pages. Beautifully. Perfectly.

          I doubt that Pat could have read out loud yesterday. I know she couldn’t have done so two days ago. I hope she will be able to read out loud again tonight. But who knows? It’s always a guessing game with Lewy Body.

          I’ve learned to treasure gifts like these, periods when Pat is functioning at her best. Sometimes they bring me to tears. They are moments of wonder that I will remember forever.

Pat’s comments on Pat Reads Nancy Drew to Ron:

          I think it’s time and when you read something and really read it then you can remember it. I felt good reading Nancy Drew. We can do it again. I can help read it.