Ch.88 Pat Outwits a Would-be Seducer

Ch.88 Pat Outwits a Would-be Seducer

          April 2021

          It’s evening and Pat and I are having a nice talk. “I want to tell you something strange that happened this morning,” she tells me. “A man was in my bed and he wanted to make love with me. He said he was Ron, but I didn’t believe him. So, I didn’t respond, and he went away.” “Besides,” she added, “he wasn’t very attractive.”  

          That frustrated and inept suitor was none other than me, the one and only real Ron. But not to Pat. To her, that man was a liar, phony, and cheat. I did sense that something felt wrong when she turned me down in a rather chilly manner. But I did not realize she thought I was an imposter.

          Life with Lewy Body can be complicated. For example, how would you reply to Pat’s portrayal of that morning’s incident? “Hey, that was me!” or “What do you mean he wasn’t attractive?” or maybe “Now that I’m here would you like to make love?” I know from the literature and past experience that it’s not effective to challenge a Lewy Body interpretation since the person with Lewy Body will insist they are right and that they are not having a delusion. Besides, what good would it do? I chose to agree with Pat that she had made a good choice not to make love that morning because it didn’t feel right to her.

          As my son Joshua says, “it’s all good.”  

 Pat’s comments on Pat Outwits a Seducer:

          I was astounded when I read this [What Ron wrote]. It doesn’t bother me. I’m OK with it. Everybody is a little off sometimes and I’m a little off a lot of times. No damage done.