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Ch.79 Three in the Morning: Leaving Our Home to Seek Pat’s Home

          December, 2020.

          It’s 3 a.m. and I awaken to the sounds of Pat getting dressed. “You need to drive me to my home,” she tells me. I try to remind her that we are home. “No,” Pat says sternly, “This is your home, not mine.” She insists I take her to her place, wherever that might be. Pat is certain I know where she lives. She is angry with me for “playing games” on her. Pat tells me she’ll go out to the car and drive herself if I won’t help.

          Now what? It’s well below freezing outside so I cannot just let her sit outside. Plus, I’m afraid Pat might fall in the dark and be unable to get up.

          I get dressed and head for the car. We take Levi, our collie, who doesn’t look all that happy about coming along in the wake of our raised voices. We leave Blackie the cat who does want to get in the car (but who gets carsick when it’s in motion).

          Where should we go? “You know,” Pat asserts. I drive around, all the while telling her I don’t know the way to any house other than our own. I happen to state that the only place I know is at W23654 County Road U, our home address. That’s right, Pat says, “Go there.” And so we do. I point out the address by the mailbox and Pat agrees that this is her home. We get out, walk upstairs, and go back to bed.

          I’m not sure if Pat will remember what happened last night. I will.

Pat’s comments on Three in the Morning: Leaving Our Home to Find Pat’s Home.

          “I don’t remember this at all.”

Added Comment: Pat and I did sit down and talk after she made the comment above. We discussed how she just doesn’t feel comfortable in this house. I mentioned that Lewy Body does this to many people. We shared our sadness, Pat’s sense of loss of her homestead and my loss of a sense of a shared life together. 

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