Recent Praise

"Thank you for sharing your experiences and your feelings. Reading about these gave me such a sense of not feeling so alone."  Linda L, wife of a man with Lewy Body, MN

"...telling Lewy body "we are still a team" is so powerful inspiring"  Cody S., son and grandson of individuals with Alzheimer's  Disease.

"What a wonderful dialogue you have created...I read every word and could not stop." Marion, Memory Loss Support Group Coordinator and daughter of  a person with Lewy Body Dementia.

"Reading Pat's entries allows me to see my dad's perspective when he was not able to communicate that to me." T.B., whose deceased father had Lewy Body Dementia, MN.

"Reading both of your dialogues has had a powerful impact on me, as you face this difficult journey." RW, son of a man with Lewy Body and guardian of a woman with Lewy Body, New Zealand.

"What a great website. I will share it with others. I am so  impressed with how you have dealt with this challenge by helping others." J.A., clinical psychologist, CA.

"This is wonderful! It takes great courage to share your journey."   J.T, Lewy Body support group volunteer coordinator, WI.

"Thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful way to communicate with each other and those who love you both." L.K.,  therapist, TX.

"What a marvelous website. I really like the dual voice format... a wonderful way to work together that will benefit others as well as yourselves." P.P., Educator, ND.

"The website looks great. I look forward to its evolution." R.F., psychologist, SC.

"The website is very powerful and I can see it being valuable to others going through similar situations." J.B, daughter of woman with Lewy Body, WI.