Ch. 103 Pat is Home with Me in My Heart

Ch. 103 Pat is Home with Me in My Heart

August, 2021

           Yesterday the Home Health evaluator told us that since Pat hadn’t made any progress gaining strength or mobility he would have to discharge her from their physical therapy services. I couldn’t dispute his reasoning, although I don’t think the decision was quite fair. Pat has been sick with bullous pemphigoid the entire time he’s been coming. Still, the reality is that Pat has remained very weak, needing two persons to transfer her from bed to chair.

          I still hope Pat will return home. Maybe not in the next few weeks, but eventually. Meanwhile, I stay over on my side of our bed at night rather than claim the center; I drink coffee only from certain cups and never from her favorites; I feel vaguely guilty consuming Indian food because Pat doesn’t like its smell. Pat’s absence at home continues to feel temporary deep in my heart. I’m pretty sure it always will.

          I hope Pat knows that even though she is living for now at an assisted living center she is still living at home, with me.

Pat’s comments on Pat is Home with Me in My Heart:

     I’m glad I’m still in Ron’s heart at home.

     I’m glad that things are working out on the home front.

     I’m glad that you and he are getting along.

          Ron: Who do you mean when you say “he?” Pat: I don’t know.