Ch.98 Pat is Transferred to a Rehab Center

Ch.98 Pat is Transferred to a Rehab Center        

   July 9, 2021

          Pat has finally been transferred to a rehab center, a nursing home certified by medical assistance to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and other services. She can stay here theoretically for up to 30 days, but Julie the social worker informs us that insurance probably will only pay for about 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, by then Pat will be strong enough to return to assisted living or even to come home. Today, her first day here, Pat has already received physical, occupational and speech therapy. A good start.

          July 16, 2021

          Well, Pat’s stay here didn’t last long. Our “advantage” insurance company decided that one week was quite enough time for Pat at the rehab facility, apparently because she was doing so well that she was ready to return to the assisted living place. This despite the fact that her bullous pemphigoid attack had limited the amount of therapy she could receive and that she still needed assistance to get in and out of bed.

          I am frustrated. Pat’s trying to get stronger but the very organizations that should be helping her are instead blocking her path. When I was counseling, my clients repeatedly told me this happened; I even tried on many occasions to help them extend benefits or be given a proper diagnosis. But now it’s happening to us and now I know how crummy it feels.

          Tomorrow we’re heading back to Peaceful Life. It’s a good place with good people. That’s about the most hopeful thought I can come up with right now.

Pat’s comments on Pat is Transferred to a Rehab Center

          Ron to Pat: “What do you think of this place?”           Pat: It’s an OK place that I wound up in and I think that part of being here in that ok place was being in a different place first – the hospital.