Ch.106 Tears of Love

Ch.106 Tears of Love

          Sept. 2021

          I thought Pat was sleeping when Dan, her Home Health nurse, and I began talking about her situation. My main concern, I told Dan, was keeping Pat as safe as possible. I wanted to protect her, to lessen her pain, to find for Pat the best people to help her and the safest place for her to reside.

          Just then Pat started crying. That is unusual. Pat seldom cries even when she is in pain or when she feels strong emotions. Dan guessed correctly that Pat had heard us talking and that she felt deeply touched by my (and Dan’s) caring. And then I cried and told Pat I would protect her the rest of her life. And then we cried together.

          Dan, a tender-hearted giant of a man (who cried a little himself), told Pat her tears weren’t tears of pain but tears of joy because she felt so deeply cared about. But I think Dan was mistaken. I think both of our tears were tears of love. Tears of love emerge when you are overwhelmed by the love you feel toward another and/or by the love someone feels toward you. Tears of love signify that this person, this partner in life, has become interwoven into every cell of your being.

          Pat and my tears of love say that we hold each other in our hearts. For now. For well beyond “til death do us part.” Forever.


Pat’s comments on Tears of Love:

          I like it. It touched me.

          I think tears of love happen, but I don’t know if they happen in the same way [to everybody].