• Ch. 6 Some days You Just Want to Cry
    Ch. 6.  Some Days You Just Want to Cry.             Today was one of those days when everything we did was interfered with by Lewy Body. Read more
  • Ch.5 The Need for Support
    Ch. 5. The Need for Support.             If someone called me seeking advice and told me that his or her partner in life had been recently diagnosed Read more
  • Ch.4 Good Days
    Ch.4. Good Days. Coping with LB has made me (and Pat, I’m sure) more appreciative of the natural beauty in our Western Wisconsin homestead. Almost every day lately we’ve driven through Read more
  • Ch.3 Noise
     Ch.3: Noise.             Pat and I have been going to a Scandinavian restaurant named the Norske Nook for over 20 years with our friends Ed and Read more
  • Ch.2: Am I a Helicopter Husband?
                Today I reached out and poked Pat’s leg. Why? To see if she was accumulating excess fluid in her body. Unfortunately, I forgot to Read more
  • Ch.1: Hallucinations from Outside and Inside
                            Mornings are interesting in our LB world. Pat frequently awakens in the midst of a dream world in Read more
    The Dialogue.       Pat Potter-Efron was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia in April, 2018. Since October, 2018 we have been keeping a shared journal that we call the Lewy Read more