Ch.239 Two Surprise Visits from Pat

Ch.239 Two Surprise Visits from Pat


          First Visit. Last night I had a dream that involved Pat. Unpleasant. Pat and a shadowy figure drove me to a strange city and dropped me off. They left without waving. I was supposed to get some papers, I thought, but didn’t know what or why. I went into a building to carry out this task; it looked like the place I would go to renew my driver’s license. I reached to my back pocket for my wallet, expecting I’d have to pay a fee. It wasn’t there. No wallet. Oh, damn, I thought, I better call Pat to come back. That’s when I realized my phone was missing too. “I guess I’ll have to ask for help,” I thought. Two men tried to assist me, pulling out ancient cell phones that failed to connect with anybody. At that moment I envisioned Pat and the stranger driving away, oblivious to my distress. I began to panic – and awakened.

          Here’s my interpretation: Pat is gone, forever. I cannot reach her; I cannot call her back; nobody can help me get her back. Unless, of course, I should discover a magic wallet with a ticket to her place or a phone with her call back number. The question is whether I should keep searching for them/her.

          Second Visit. I was cleaning out some old greeting cards from a drawer in my bedroom. Pat collected cards and left most of them empty or written but undelivered. I was about to throw them out when I discovered one that said:

                                                   PUT THIS SOMEPLACE YOU’LL FORGET,


                                                   WHEN YOU  HAPPEN UPON IT LATER

                                                                     JUST REMEMBER…


                                                                           I LOVE YOU

Pat signed it “Your Pat” and drew a heart.

Pat is gone forever and she’s right here with me. Simultaneously. My poor rational brain can’t make sense of that.